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Talent Concept


Talent is the soul of the company's management and development. The company focuses on the "performance system," "the theory of achievements," and "only talent is a move. It really must be used."


The company always regards the management and development of talents, talents, incentives, and human resources as the company’s long-term talent strategy.


The company insists on the combination of internal training and external introduction.


The training of the company's internal staff, focusing on management and professional ability training.


The company has developed a complete human resources system and introduced advanced technical personnel, senior management personnel and compound talents suited to the needs of enterprise development.


Technology promotion ladder

Technician → Assistant Engineer → Engineer → Senior Engineer → Chief Engineer


Management promotion ladder

Foreman → Deputy Director → Supervisor → Deputy Manager → Manager → Director → Deputy General Manager


Clerical promotion ladder

Clerk → Assistant Specialist → Commissioner → High Commissioner → Manager


Talent Concept